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Welcome to the Wireless Communication Laboratory at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Akron, Ohio. The WCL research team investigates theoretical and applied problems in the broad area of Wireless Communications and Networks. This site provides information regarding the research and outreach activities going on in the lab.

News & Events:

October 2012
Dr. Bahrami and two graduate students offer a demo on hardware implementation of wireless transceivers in his Digital Communication class on October 30 thanks to generous help of Rigol Technologies Inc.

Dr. Nader Behdad from University of Wisconsin, Madison gives us a talk on biomimetic antenna design and applications.

September 2012
WCL organizes a talk by Dr. Tareq Al-Naffouri from King Abdullah University on the applications of compressive sensing in wireless communication and networks.

August 2012
Rigol Technologies Inc. provides the WCL with test and measurement equipment for research and education purposes. The WCL team in collaboration with Rigol Technologies engineers will develop an undergraduate lab curriculum for a low-cost undergraduate communication laboratory.

April 2012
Mr. Samuel Ghebremariam defends his Master's thesis. Congratulation Samuel!

January 2012
Dr. Bahrami offers a new graduate level course "Wireless Communications" in spring 2012.

December 2011
Our paper on relay and antenna selection in AF systems is accepted in ICC 2012.

September 2011
WCL organizes two talks by Dr. Tareq Al-Naffouri on Sep. 26 and 27. The fist talk is on impairments compensation in OFDM and the second talk is on user scaling laws in MIMO broadcast channels.

Mr. Shashwat Jnawali defends his Master's thesis. Congratulation Shashwat!

August 2011
Dr. Bahrami offers a new graduate course in fall 2011. A 600 level course, "Advanced Wireless Communications" covers topics from MIMO, multiuser and cooperative communications.

July 2011

Two of our papers are accepted in IEEE Globecom 2011.

June 2011

Four of our papers are accepted in IEEE VTC Fall 2011.

May 2011

Dr. Bahrami wins Firestone Fellowship Award for his research proposal on the study of energy efficiency in future wireless communication networks that utilize three strategies: cognition, cooperation and multi- antenna communication. The project also includes implementing a network emulation platform with nodes that are capable of performing these three strategies. The project will be done in the WCL during 2011.

April 2011

WCL offers a half-day research seminar on MIMO and cooperative communication networks on Friday Apr. 2nd at ASEC 160. Graduate and undergraduate students are invited to attend.

March 2011

Dr. Bahrami wins University of Akron Faculty Summer Fellowship for his proposed project on improving spectral efficiency in two-way relay communication networks with correlated multi-antenna nodes. The project will be done in the WCL in 2011 and 2012.