Expert Systems

Catalog of Applications

by John Durkin


This 400 page book provides the most comprehensive description of developed expert systems available today. It contains reports on over 2500 systems categorized in 23 application areas. For a practicing knowledge engineer beginning a new project and needs information on developed systems, or a graduate student performing research in the area of expert systems, this book represents an invaluable resource.

Application Areas

Agriculture Environment Meteorology
Business Geology Military
Chemistry Image Processing Mining
Communication Information Mgmt. Power Systems
Computer Systems Law Science
Education Manufacturing Space Technology
Electronics Mathematics Transportation
Engineering Medicine

Each Report Describes

Types of Systems Reported


"An amazingly thorough review of expert system applications. A must for expert system designers. Anyone teaching expert systems cannot be without this information."

Dr. George Luger, Prof. Computer Science, Univ. of New Mexico

"A major undertaking and provides an extremely valuable reference for anyone teaching or developing expert systems."

Dr. Bruce Buchanan, Prof. Computer Science, Univ. of Pittsburgh

"This catalog is the most comprehensive listing I have seen."

Paul Harmon, Editor, Intelligent Software Strategies Newsletter

Available From

Expert Systems: Catalog of Applications, by John Durkin, ISBN 0-12-670553-7, Intelligent Computer Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 4117, Akron, OH, 44321-0117. Phone (330) 665-3935. Fax (330) 666-1711.

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