Expert Systems Design and Development

Presented by

Dr. John Durkin

4450:441 (undergraduate) 4450:693 (graduate)


Introduction and overview of expert systems, and how to build an expert system in a variety of application areas using course software.


This course introduces students to expert systems in general and to rule-based systems in specific. Students learn how to build a rule-based expert system in a variety of application areas. They also learn advanced programming techniques which include topics of inexact reasoning, intelligent database management methods, and how to develop a community of expert systems which cooperate over a blackboard structure. Students are also given the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the technology by building a rule-based expert system that addresses a real-world problem. The course prepares students for graduate research in the area of expert systems.

Course Outline

1. Overview of expert systems

2. Review of knowledge representation

3. Review of inference techniques

4. Study of logic

5. Introduction to rule-based expert systems

6. Review of course expert system development software

7. Demonstration of a rule-based expert system

8. Workshop: Building a small rule-based expert system

9. Advance expert system programming techniques

10. Review of typical programming errors

11. Review of MYCIN

12. Overview of inexact reasoning

13. Study of inexact classification

14. Introduction to intelligent database management

15. Study of intelligent distributed problem solving


1. Choose a problem area in which you are the expert

2. Write a project proposal

3. Develop the rule-based expert system using course software

4. Write a final report


Project 50%

Proposal 10%

Final report 20%

Homework 10%

Meetings 10%


Durkin, J., Expert Systems: Design and Development, Prentice Hall, New York, NY, 1994.

Durkin, J., Expert Systems: Catalog of Applications, Intelligent Computer Systems, Inc., Akron, OH, 1993.


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