Expert Systems

Design and Development

by John Durkin


This 800 page book is a road map for the design of expert systems. It provides instruction on how to develop: rule-based, frame-based, fuzzy logic, and learning expert systems. The instructor of expert systems will find it an invaluable text for teaching design and development techniques. A practicing knowledge engineer will find it a valuable resource for developing real-world expert systems.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Expert Systems

2. Major Characteristics of Expert Systems

3. Knowledge Representation

4. Inference Techniques


6. Rule-Based Expert Systems

7. Backward Chaining Rule-Based Systems

8. Designing Backward Chaining Rule-Based Systems

9. Forward Chaining Rule-Based Systems

10. Designing Forward Chaining Rule-Based Systems

11. Bayesian Approach to Inexact Reasoning

12. Certainty Theory

13. Fuzzy Logic

14. Frame-Based Expert Systems

15. Designing a Frame-Based Expert System

16. Induction Systems

17. Knowledge Acquisition

18. Knowledge Engineering

Appendix A. Glossary

Appendix B. Catalog of Expert System Development Software

Appendix C. Catalog of Expert System Applications

Appendix D. Bibliography of Expert System Topics

Appendix E. Sources of Additional Information


Major Features


"The most comprehensive book on expert systems available today. It offers both students and researchers a valuable resource for exploring the AI field. Numerous examples provide insight into how to design an effective expert system."

Dr. Steven Shope, President, Sandia Research, Albq., New Mexico

"The best book I have seen in the field of expert systems. The examples are plentiful, excellent, and to the point."

Dr. George Luger, Prof. Computer Science, Univ. of New Mexico, Albq., New Mexico

"This book fills a need which no other text has satisfied. It covers a wide variety of important topics, and can serve several expert system courses. I rely upon it for every project."

Ron Godine, AI Specialist, Avery Dennison, Painesville, Ohio

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